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කඳුලක අපේක්ෂා – The Fate of a Tear



Breast cancer poses a serious public health concern throughout the world and placed as the commonest cancer in many developed countries, as well as in Sri Lanka. Recent statistics has shown an increasing trend within Sri Lanka with around 1 in 100 women getting affected by this dreadful disease. 


Breast cancer among the young is an entity which had not been addressed often. Obviously the diagnosis of breast cancer in a young could create an enormous psychological trauma and turmoil within the family, which can accentuate the overall adverse response to the disease.  Breast cancer below the age of 35 years has been reported as approximately 1 in 1750 women in Sri Lanka. In most instances, these are diagnosed late as advanced disease, as many do not consider it to affect young women, and ignore them as non-cancerous until cancer grows bigger. Further at a young age, they do not have modalities to check their breasts as mammography is not recommended below the age of 35 years due to its lack of sensitivity.  


The current data has shown some decline in breast cancer ‘deaths’ in the United States and Northern Europe, been attributed to the breast cancer screening programs done in these developed countries in addition to advances in clinical management. Unfortunately, this decline in breast cancer deaths is not seen in developing countries due to financial constraints, with no dedicated and sustained primary educational programs, screening program on early detection of breast cancer or easy access to mammography facilities for the majority of women. International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO) has recognized that all effort should be made to create awareness at the community level to combat the burden of increasing breast cancers in developing countries like Sri Lanka.  Read more about Cancer In Sri Lanka.



Kandulaka Apeksha (The Fate of a Tear) is a trilingual (Sinhala, Tamil and English) movie, cinematographically created to educate the lay people about the increasing threat of Breast Cancer in Sri Lanka

The story revolves around a young lady who fights hard to win over the social stigma and the disease after been diagnosed with a breast cancer. 

‘Kandulaka Apeksha’ is a short movie, (45 minutes) which is to telecast on National Television or possibly on other networks in Sri Lanka to have a broader coverage, meant to educate all women on breast cancer. This will be an eye opener not only for women but also for others who ignore the fact the early detection can cure the disease. 

The script has been written and will be Directed by Dr Naomal M A Perera (MBBS, MS, FRCS), Consultant Oncological Surgeon, presently consulting at Lanka Hospitals Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has been an Oncological Surgeon for over 10 years with vast experience, treating patients in the government sector as well as private. The basis of the story has been originated from true stories related by his patients during this period. The script includes very informative facts and advice on symptoms, early detection, breast self examination, investigations and surgery. 

The story begins at a cemetery where Pavan is found mourning following his wife’s sudden demise. He is visited by his friend Udara who comes to pay his respect, which triggers Pavan to bring memories of 6 years before, when they were close friends at the village. 

Apeksha is Pavan’s fiancée, who finds a job many years after her graduation. Unfortunately during her medical examination, which is required at her new job, was diagnosed with an early breast cancer. The social stigma of a cancer enfolded on Apeksha and disapproval from Pavan’s mother regarding their marriage makes Pavan to stroll with an unresolved mind. Apeksha struggles to get her job, life, feminine character back, with only support given to her by their good friend UdaraUdara (who is also a friend of Pavan’s) struggles to get Pavan back to Apeksha. Pavan struggles to get away from Apeksha. At the climax of ‘Kandulaka Apeksha’, the destiny of the three friends is decided with Apeksha defeating her disease and all barriers. 

Unlike other movies on cancer patients where misery, agony of the cancer patient is highlighted, in ‘Kandulaka Apeksha’ shows the audience how a cancer patient should win all the obstacles and the disease. The most important obstacle is to pick it up when it’s very early. In the movie Apeksha picks up an early disease, defeat the disease and finally all the obstacles she faces in the society with a positive mind. This short film is a great eye opener for all the women, if they are diagnosed with a breast cancer. 

Dr Naomal Perera 


Consultant Oncological Surgeon 

Story, Screen play and Director – Kandulaka Apeksha